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Structural Engineering

New Single and Multi-Family Dwellings
Extensive Remodeling and Additions
Soft Story Seismic Retrofitting
Reinforced Concrete and Structural Steel Systems

Our experienced and highly skilled engineers participate in the engineering design of a project from the early stages of architectural concept design to accurately and economically define the structural systems.

We have vast experience on working with complex and non-planar structures where structural system functions are also defined on the components of architectural design, and we provide technical implementation consultancy services during the construction phase of these structures.

By taking part in the project team from the first days of the conceptual design, we contribute to all project stakeholders to achieve safer, innovative and economically viable structures.

S2NA, in addition to successfully completing hundreds of structural engineering projects in Southern California, served its clients in many countries in almost every continent including Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Maldives, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom, and worked with many multinational architectural and construction firms using verity of building codes and regulations which gave S2NA vast amount of experience on multinational and multicultural projects.

S2NA is capable of providing specialty engineering services on seismic isolated structures, retrofitting and reinforcing of unreinforced masonry structures, restoration and re-construction of historical structures, tensile membrane structures as well as heavy engineering projects such as marine and underground structures, and experienced on working with variety of building materials including reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber, composite, reinforced or unreinforced masonry, glass, fabrics or hybrid of other materials.


Our services include: 

  • - Hillside Construction Engineering

  • - Soft Story Seismic Retrofitting

  • - New Single Family Residence

  • - Multifamily Apartment Buildings

  • - Additions and Remodeling

  • - Seismic Design

  • - Earth Retaining Structures and Shoring Design

  • - Structural Observations

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