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We believe that engineering and construction is not just something you make a living on.

It is a lifestyle.

If you are not realizing that your work is directly impacting the quality of human lives, economy and environment, basically your habitat,

you are nothing but a computer operator.

S2NA Structural Design, Inc. started business activities in Los Angeles, California in 2006 and serves its clients in Southern California with an ever-increasing volume of work since then.

With our technical personal in Los Angeles and Istanbul offices, we continue to work on residential, industrial, commercial, and public construction projects in different countries of the world.


At S2NA, our focus is on establishing long-term client relationships, we are providing professional and technical services to our clients on the subjects of structural engineering and engineering consultancy.

To define the needs of our customers correctly and produce solutions that are optimized to reach their project targets in a safe and timely manner, we are creating productive partnerships and working very closely with our project stakeholders.


We strive to maximize the profitability of our customers by accelerating the return on their investments and minimizing the potential operating costs as well as the investment costs.

Therefore, the long-term repetitive business of our customers at S2NA is more than 80% of our entire work.


We aim to be the global solution partner of our customers without compromising the principle of customer satisfaction by using the highest level of knowledge and technology together with our entrepreneur character.

Our mission is to serve our customers on their high-quality and large-scale projects by always placing the principles of safety, accuracy, professionalism, and sustainability at the center of our work.


At S2NA, we are aware that our colleagues and customers, people, are the most important assets of our business.

For our colleagues: justice, equality, respect, embracing, diversity and personal development, and for our customers: quality service and products, environmental awareness, efficient production, high performance, profitability, and growth are the values that we will not give up on.


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